Monday, June 19, 2017

Nautical Party Printable

Nautical Birthday

Time to get your sea legs ready for this perfect summer celebration!
This printable collection is super duper cute & full of everything you could possibly need for your little ones birthday.

DIY Life Saver Prop 
    Supplies : Pool noodle, yarn & duct tape
    1. Cut your desired length for your prop
    2. Duct tape the ends together to form your shape
    3. wrap it with your chosen colored yarn

Cut outs for Centerpiece or Cake topper

Hershey Bar wrapper + Chocolate Coin labels + Hershey kiss labels

Photo Props

First Birthday Photo Banner & Hi-chair Banner

Dessert Decor
Cupcake toppers & toothpick sails

Table Decor
Cutlery pockets & Food tent labels

Tags, bag cover & topper for standard resealable bag

Drink Wrappers
Water bottle & juice Box

Party Signs
     Supplies: 8X10 cheap frames from the Dollar store, paint (in this case - red paint), sand paper

     1. remove glass & back
     2. sand frame until 1st layer is gone (until it's not shiny anymore)
     3. clean debris off, wash & pat dry
     4. paint in your colors

     *If you do not plan on keeping the frames, you do not need to sand them.  This is for more of a            permanent solution, so that the paint does not chip in the future.

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